5 Twitter Doníts that will make you lose followers drastically

News 10:04 April 2023:

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It always hurt to lose multiple twitter followers at once. But what if the reason why they unfollow you is because of you breaking some crucial twitter rules? For instance, do you use too many keywords on your tweets? Okay, it is great to captivate or ignite peopleís reactions with strong keywords, but using them on your every post sends the wrong picture about you. On the other hand, never auto send messages to your followers unless you are trying to lose them. Even when it is a funny sounding meme that could get you more twitter likes, not everyone takes this gesture kindly.

On the other hand, donít get into the habit of buying followers. Not only doesnít it lead to an increase in sales, interactions or twitter likes on your posts, but your genuine followers could lose faith in you once they realize that habit. Something else, when promoting a business, donít hijack other peopleís hash tags. It is unethical and often backfires.