Why you shouldn’t get Demoralized for not attracting many Twitter Likes or followers

Study shows that more people quit twitter everyday than Facebook or Instagram. Maybe it is because most of them don’t live the “Get popular” overnight dream their friends promised them. This is because it is harder to get popular and attract many twitter likes or followers on twitter than in other social networks, but that shouldn’t be a reason to demoralize or make you leave this wonderful social network.

Instead, begin by identifying the mistakes that probably made you not attract many twitter likes or followers in the first place. Ensure your twitter handle is easy to remember for most people. Work on your bio section and maybe login to twitter and tweet often albeit with quality posts. And in the simple steps, you could soon start to see more people follow you in just a number of weeks. Be consistent though and do some bit of marketing so that your Facebook friends, your instagram followers and school colleagues can identify you and follow you.

5 Twitter Don’ts that will make you lose followers drastically

It always hurt to lose multiple twitter followers at once. But what if the reason why they unfollow you is because of you breaking some crucial twitter rules? For instance, do you use too many keywords on your tweets? Okay, it is great to captivate or ignite people’s reactions with strong keywords, but using them on your every post sends the wrong picture about you. On the other hand, never auto send messages to your followers unless you are trying to lose them. Even when it is a funny sounding meme that could get you more twitter likes, not everyone takes this gesture kindly.

On the other hand, don’t get into the habit of buying followers. Not only doesn’t it lead to an increase in sales, interactions or twitter likes on your posts, but your genuine followers could lose faith in you once they realize that habit. Something else, when promoting a business, don’t hijack other people’s hash tags. It is unethical and often backfires.

Interacting With Free Followers Who Mention You.

Behind every following and being followed, the whole processes are aimed at having conversations and making connections. Even when you go ahead to create a profile to attract followers your way, it will only be possible if you interact and engage them at all times if possible. It is only through this that you are able to generate a loyal and engaging following even if you regard them as free followers.

If a follower goes ahead to mention you in a post, don’t take it as must or normal but rather reciprocate by thanking them, answering their queries and clarify their doubts if any. Make sure you monitor all your handles to respond to any mentions your followers may have posted to your timeline. That is why a team of social media respondents is necessary to give every response a personalized tone because many people on the sidelines watch the conversation. You are responding to one individual, but a watchful eye of other users is on you and monitoring your responses. They feel satisfied; there you have more free followers with improved engagements.

Going Viral Online Using Free Likes.

With many likes on your page or group, going viral is easy and fast. It is easy to reach other people on social media that initially had no idea that your page existed. You need to start with getting free likes to create a foundation for you to build on relevant organic followers. You were wondering how this will increase the traffic your way. It is straightforward and free and just calls for your creativity and your choice of words, videos or pictures.

Assuming you have 500 followers on your page. You write and publish a status in that group that will be visible on your fans newsfeed. If the content is worth sharing, your followers, won’t hesitate to share the same to their friends now. Those impressed by it will come to look for the page that posted the content and then like it. As the likes increase, the number of followers increases too. If it is this simple, why should you go out looking for vendors to buy these free likes that may lead to your account being suspended?

How To Avoid Too Many Instagram Likes On My Account?

If you find you’re getting too many notifications on your Instagram photos, then maybe considering getting less Instagram likes is a good thing for you.
On Instagram, other than your followers liking your photos, other users can also view them if you hash tag your photos using the common and/or popular tags. Your photos will be listed in Instagram “Search” directory and anyone browsing through this section can view your photo. This is how you usually get more Instagram likes.
If you don’t want this to happen, you can remove all hash tags (if there’s any) on your photo. This way, your photos won’t be visible to other users who aren’t your followers. Other than that, you can also set your account to private so even if someone tries to search your photos by your username, they won’t be able to view your gallery.
However, the number of likes you receive really does depend on the type of photos you post and how others view them. If you practice what we suggest, then you shouldn’t be getting too many likes.

What makes Twitter likes so important for social media

Today Twitter is among the most popular social media sites online. According to Alexa.com, it is the # 8 most checked out site. Numerous individuals use twitter to link and share things by sending out billions of tweets every day!

Twitter is an essential social media network for us. The importance for twitter is not just because of the large amount of promotion you can get in its platform, however likewise because of the way, online search engine deal with the social media. It has won leading concern on the algorithms of Google providing it the additional edge in concerns to Search Engine Optimization.

Why Purchase Twitter likes?

The amount of likes in your tweet represents its appeal. It really resembles likes on Instagram and Facebook. Those who like you tweet either can retweet it or like it. To have a popular page you should have retweets, great deals of followers and likes in your profile. You can get Twitter likes, to grow your appeal rapidly. Simply having lots of Twitter followers is simply inadequate.




4 Tested Ways to Get 100 and more Views on your every Snapchat Story

Some people get hundreds of views from their snapchat stories every day, while some will get only ten views after posting five stories. So, what’s different among the two types of people? Snapchat experts say that the only sure way to get many views and potentially many snapchat followers is by being active on the network. View and learn from what the influencers post, and then learn to promote your snapchat account. Post your QR code in your website, in other social networks and on your blog if you have one.

On the other hand, be a smart snapchat user. Don’t just post any kind of story, post meaningful and interesting stories that won’t make you look stupid. That’s right, people don’t want to see or know everything that you do, but they will feel interested to watch the highlights of your week or the behind the scenes of your career. Finally, learn to interact with your snapchat followers. It is the most delightful thing about the social network after all.f1

Loyal Customers from Snapchat Followers

Snapchat is the new kid on the block in the social media platforms world. It has gained a lot of popularity especially in the social sense within a very short time. So many people have joined it and are posting videos on it with each passing moment. Many have argued that with the concept that snapchat uses, it is better suited for social use and businesses can very much benefit from it. If you ask me though, this could not be further from the truth. Snapchat is one platform that can greatly benefit business. The same concept still applies here as it does to Facebook, twitter and all the others; at the end of the day, the most important thing is for the business to get many Snapchat followers who immediately translate into potential customers and will in the long run translate into customers. The question then remains; how do businesses attract these many followers.

Customers in the market today are constantly looking for businesses that will give them that personal touch. They are constantly looking to engage the face behind the brand and not just the brand itself. They like it when businesses address them by their first names and they love it even more when the owners or managers come out to have a one on one interaction with them. Snapchat uses the concept of posting videos for purposes of interactions. As a business owner, this will be a great avenue to interact with your customers. It provides businesses with the opportunities to have one on one interactions with the customers without having to leave eh comfort of their offices.f2

The trick comes in where the creativity that is employed in these videos has to be top notch. It will not be enough to simply post videos, there are so many factors that come into play, the content of the videos that you post of course being top on the priority list.It is important that you know exactly who your customers and potential customers are and you post content that appeals to them. Avoid monotony at all costs. Do not let the content all the time be just about you and your business and promoting it. Also record informative videos; you could for instance record videos informing customers of the latest trends in the industry. You can also do funny videos and entertain your customers. Just make sure that creativity and variety are employed to the fullest.

The length of the videos that you post is also another very important factor. No one has the time to spend thirty minutes watching a video on snapchat. Keep your videos short and precise. Stick to the subject matter and avoid deviating to other non-issues. The frequency with which you post the videos is also very important. Do not be those annoying people on social media who post irrelevant videos every few minutes. Make sure that the posting of the videos is properly spaced out. You need to moderate on number of videos that you post also; do not post too many videos so that you can actually give your viewers the chance to watch all your videos.

The quality of the videos that you post is one thing that you should never compromise on. Failure to post quality videos will also speak volumes on the kind on the company that you are. Poor quality videos might be translated to mean that the services and products that you offer are also of poor quality as the message that you will be sending out to the market is that you are a  company that does not treat quality with the weight that it deserves. Make sure that you use high quality devices to post the videos that you will be recording.

Once you are able to get all the above right, you can be sure that you will be well on your way to getting all the Snapchat followers that you need to take your business to the next level. The moment you are able to attract these followers and bring them to your platform, the onus will now be on you to ensure that they are locked in and eventually they are converted into loyal customers for your business.